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    Do not worry

About your wedding dress bustling



        Alterations While U Wait will take care of it for you. You may simply leave the whole issue to us, if you'd like, or you may dictate your desires, or even have your advisors dictate what's desired.

        However, the very best scenario is a team effort. It's best we synchronize the energy between "Her Magesty" the Bride, "His Advisorship" the tailor, and "Her/Their Visorialship" Mom, maid of honor, etc. With a team like that developing your bustle(s) you'll be able to sit, walk about or bust-a-groove at your reception with a perfectly bustled wedding dress all night long!

Which bustle(s) are best for you?

You may already have an answer to this question. You may be solidly adamant, or you may not have a clue! In fact, many brides are not aware of the several bustling options, and therefore have never given a single thought to the bustle, but rather assume that “a bustle is a bustle is a bustle. . .” Some brides are predisposed toward one style of bustle over another, and occasionally a bride becomes fixated on one style of bustle, usually by having been influenced by someone else’s gown or a friend’s suggestion.

In our shop, we will certainly perform for each bride anything she really wants. However, you may find that, once you are wearing your gown and standing before our mirror, simply seeing yourself in your well-fitted gown actually prompts you toward your best bustle option! If not, then we will assist you in the matter so you will not have any bustle drama.

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The Fundamentals:
Safety  -  Craftsmanship  -  Artistry


First and foremost, the real purpose of the bustles on your wedding dress is safety.

The fundamental purpose of bustling is that while at your wedding reception, your entire train and dress hem should be off the floor, for safety’s sake. That’s why your attendants should fasten up your bustle system before your reception. No part of your dress hem or train should be lying on the floor or even touching the floor when bustled; especially if you are active on the dance floor!

We in the needle trades of artistic bridal crafting must make the bride aware of this safety matter.  To sell the bride a beautiful bustle yet disregard the safety issues of floor dragging does her a grave and dangerous disservice.  The bridal technicians at Alterations While U Wait will always perform as both craftsmen and artists and your finished bustling system will not compromise safety.

How Will We Assist You with Your Bustling?

We will systematically demonstrate for you all the simplest and most common options, all of which appear on our worksheet(s). This is sufficient for most brides to choose a bustle or combination of bustles. If you require more options for your bustling, then we will apply a more creative approach. All bustling, whether charted or creative, is subject to the bride's taste, her budget and of course, physics. Every bride's preferences are subject to the character of the dress and the relationship between the physical atributes of both the bride and her dress. The final choice is the bride's.

Pictures are suggestive only and may not be appropriate examples for all dresses.

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Bring your shoes and your spanx and  bra to your fitting

If you plan to wear a different pair of shoes for the reception from the ones you'll wear at the ceremony, bring those shoes too, because it will impact the fitting for the front hem-length and may require front bustling

Guaranteed Perfect Bustles
(For your safety, bustling is always recommended)

Every bride wants a beautiful train with beautiful bustling!

There are eight basic bustles.


1.  Fold-up Bustle

2.  Inside Bustle

3.  Outside Bustle

4.  Fusion (combo) Bustle

5.  Shade Bustle (Draw-string)

6.  Tack Bustle (pick-ups)

7.  Key Ringer

8.  Peek-a-boo Conversion


There are practically unlimited variations on these eight basics. The final choices are subject to the bride. We recommend that each bride see the options we offer before deciding, and remember, the dress will have its own limitations either in logistics or by its style or both.

An Inside Bustle, often called a “French Bustle” is one Pickup Point on the inside of a seam lifted and fastened to a Fasten Point on the inside of the dress.

An Outside Bustle, often called a “waterfall” is one or more Pickup Points on the outside of a seam lifted and fastened to a Fasten Point on the outside of the same seam.

A Fusion Bustle is two or more pick-ups lifted to a single attachment. A fusion bustle can be an inside or outside bustle.


A Tack Bustle

is any bustle permanently stitched.

A fold-up bustle rarely applies, but it does have its place. When a fold-up bustle is needed, it usually is the only type of bustle that will work. A fold-up bustle is a single fold, usually to the inside by an entire span of the train's hem being lifted and held up with along the lifted edge. Fold-ups are usually expensive because of the need for multiple fasteners .


            Key Ringer
One or more lift-point rings are threaded onto a waist-cincher sash. The Sash can be structured and fitted,  or it can be as simple as a ribbon tied and streamered. The ribbon or sash can also be fastened and hidden inside the skirt.

Peek-a-boo Conversion


A bottom tier and crinoline lining slip can be removed and remade into an elaborate peek-a-boo slip. There are limits to this method. It seems to have the most desireable "eye appeal" on a mermaid style dress, and obviously, shortening your gown to knee length will create a tier if it's not already tiered.

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